About the Blog and Me

I imagine some folks will be confused or put off by the title–those are probably my college friends. I am drawn to the adventure and mystery and challenge of discovering the Way of Jesus as we journey along. For some, it should be clear cut; the Bible is the life-manual or some kind of cheat code. My life just hasn’t played out that way. It’s been a circuitous journey that has most recently landed me in a pulpit in New England.

This is my own space, but one I want to share with others. Experimental isn’t to say that my beliefs are a game of darts. Rather, it’s an experiment in practicing and discovering and expressing the glimpses of God I’ve had the joy of witnessing. So I’ll throw sermons on here, and other thoughts (and plenty of unorthodox grammar), and hopefully, if I’m brave enough, other creative expressions of God’s grace like photography or music or poetry. Who knows?

I’m just experimenting here.


Also, meet Zooey Deschanel. Tripping the Deck Therapeutic


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